Thursday, December 22, 2011

A First: Griffin Sang the ABC Song!!!

Griffin has continued to impress me with how fast he can learn.  This morning, just for kicks, I asked him if he could sing his ABCs.. and he did!  It was completely amazing.  Granted, it was far from perfect.. lots of jumbled letters, but he made it all the way through the song.  I caught it on video:

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Birds and the Bees

Ok, so we didn't exactly cover the full story on the birds and the bees, but we did hit at least the introduction and maybe a little bit of chapter 1..  It happened last night while Griffin was taking a bath, and my conversation with him went something like this:

Griff: "Hahha Griffin's balls."  (Griffin grabs his penis, not his balls)
Mom: "Oh, that is actually Griffin's penis.  These are your balls.  Can you show Mommy where your balls are?"
Griffin: "There they are!"  (Griffin grabs his balls)  "Mommy penis"
Mom: "Oh.. (awkward pause) Daddy has a penis, and Mommy does not.  Boys have penises."
Griffin: "Griffin has penises."

The end. That should cover him until his sex-ed in grade 6 right?

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Asian Justin Bieber?

Our little rock star has started belting bits and pieces of songs.  He hasn't quite mastered them solo, but he sings along with Tom and I to: The Itsy Bitsy Spider, Twinkle Twinkle, Jingle Bells, Happy Birthday, and Go Go Thomas, some toddler classics. :) 

Farewell Kindermusik

Today was Griffin's last Kindermusik class ever in Beverly Farms, as Miss Lisa has decided to part ways with her beloved program.  It's fun to look back at how far Griff and his classmates have come in their year and a half in weekly music classes.  They've grown from pudgy drooly infants to crazy little instrument playing toddlers who clap almost to the beat, dance, jump, hold hands to walk in a circle, kick their feet, and they even help clean up when asked. (Sidebar- cleaning up was a task Griffin really struggled with when he was younger; he emotionally latched onto whatever instrument he had, and cried when he was asked to clean it up...but Miss Lisa always reminded me that "he will learn to do it in his own time, and that he could put it back when he was ready.." and sure enough, Griff is now one of the best participants in the clean up process.) 

L to R: Griffin, Sawyer, Ella, Abby, Isaiah, and Caroline. (other friends not pictured: Rowan, Joey, Charlie, Niko)

On our car ride to our final class this morning, Griffin sang bits and chunks of "Jingle Bells", some of which was actually to the right tune.  He is well on his way to musical stardom... We've loved our music classes- thank you to Miss Lisa for being such a wonderful teacher.