Friday, July 23, 2010

Babies vs. Wild

Today's Adventure: Mass Audubon, Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary
I must say, it is extremely helpful to have fellow mom friends to help motivate me to get out there with Griffin to explore and give him exposure to new things. I brought the iced coffee, Megan packed the PB & homemade J sandwiches and together with our babes, we ventured out to the Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary. The highlights: arriving in Ipswich with 2 babies in the backseat sound asleep, waiting 20 minutes for them to wake up, spending another 20 minutes feeding them and getting ready to hike, making "hee haw" donkey noises to stop Griffin's tears, trying to avoid the bugs, breastfeeding on the watchtower where we got invaded by 15 rambunctious 7 year old explorers approximately 3 minutes after we got up there, a search for a beaver dam, walk around a pond, a delicious picnic in the back of the Subaru, Johnny and Griff lickin' peaches, great chats on the drive to and from.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hi! (Waving Hello, The Best First Yet!)

Griffin waved for the very first time today. It was such an amazing "first" to witness. Actually, my friend Steph was technically the first person to notice him waving. This morning, when we were over at her house, she said to me, "Did Griffin just wave?" and I said, "I don't think so", thinking to myself "there's no way he knows how to do that". Then, in the afternoon, Griff and I were out at Red Rock Park with April and her baby Lily. Sure enough, I started waving at Griffin, saying "Hiiiiiiii" and he waved back!! His furrowed eyebrows wore a look of serious concentration while both of his hands faced in and his fingers slowly curled. He mostly waved at himself with his little "crab hands", as our neighbor Jennie would call them, and he repeated the action over and over. It seemed to take all of his mental power, but it made me the proudest mom on earth at that moment (I almost cried!). I just find it so incredible that an infant at 6 months old and change can comprehend and repeat this action. It's such a simple gesture, yet I find it so profound that babies learn this so early in life and can interact/communicate in this way. Before I know it he will know how to drive and speak in a foreign language. Crazy! Here are a few pictures from today:

Steer Swamp, MHD

As part of our goal to explore Marblehead, this morning Steph, Lachie, Selby, Griff and I went for a short hike in town. We ventured into the Steer Swamp hiking trail, which is a nice walking path in the woods off of Whittier Rd/West Shore Dr. It was a short 20 minute hike that brought us out to Grace Oliver Beach. Here is a pic of Selby in the water at the beach...

Ouch: First Bite!

This morning Griffin bit me while nursing, and today was the first time he drew blood. Silly little vampire baby. Ouch.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Just to note another first: Last Saturday, July 17, we upgraded Griffin to his first "Big-Boy Stroller", his mandarin orange Quinny (a gift courtesy of Uncle Alex and Aunt Anny). Dad took him for his first smooth ride in his new wheels along Lynn Shore Drive after picking up bagels at Newman's Bakery (our family's vote for best bagels). It must be a really exciting new experience for Griffin since he now gets to see and explore the world facing forward. I do however miss seeing his little face staring at me while we walk...

Day in the Life of a SAHM

Before I traded in my business suits, blouses, and heels for my unflattering nursing bras, tank tops and shorts, I used to be a bit skeptical of the legitimacy of the SAHM (Stay At Home Mom) gig. How could taking care of one little baby replace an entire 40+ hour work week, and what exactly did those moms do all day long?

Being a mom really is a full time job. In fact, I am pretty sure it is one of the hardest but very best jobs on the planet (well, other than being a dolphin trainer at the Hilton Waikoloa Village's Discovery Cove, which I always thought would be amazing). Of course there are some days where I lay my head down on my pillow at night and wonder, "What the heck did I even get done today?" and I feel totally lame when I can only come up with a pathetically short list of accomplishments.

Fortunately, yesterday wasn't one of those days. Here is what I got done:
-got up, got Griff fed, dressed and out of the house at 8:15
-Dancenergy class, while Griff went to babysitting
-breastfed Griff
-Starbucks, a mom needs her coffee
-put Griff down for a nap
-hung out with Annie for a bit
-shop vacuumed the basement
-fed Griff peas for the first time, cleaned up and breastfed him
-played with Griffin
-4 loads of laundry (washed, dried, folded)
-took Griff to Plaster Fun Time in Salem, where I painted him an orange with white polka dots letter "G" for his room while he napped
-got gas (for the car, not the stinky kind)
-mailed a letter
-Target run
-ate a late lunch
-played with Griffin
-took Griff swimming at the Y
-changed a bunch of dipaers
-fed Griff, put him to bed
-mowed the lawn
-pulled 2 big lawn bags worth of weeds
-changed a lightbulb
-took out the garbage
-cat litter
-showered (again)
-ate a late dinner
-fed Griff a late night feed
-talked to Tom and went to bed

A good and busy day in the life of a SAHM.

Gag Reflex

Yesterday on the way home I thought nothing of the few gurgle noises I heard come from the backseat, as Griffin only spits up about 50% of the time he makes those sounds. It's no big deal either way. However, when I was getting Griffin out of the car, I started gagging (I have a very sensitive reflex) as he had green, stinky spit up streaming down his chin (green from the peas he ate). It had dripped down onto his fabric car seat straps and settled in a small pool on the red release button. So disgusting. I got a nice big whiff of the stench as soon as I opened the car door and leaned in to unbuckle Griff. It was the first time I had experienced solid food-spit up, and I am definitely not a fan.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Family Fun in the Sun!

Yesterday we enjoyed the sunshine and sand at Nahant Beach in the morning, made a great lunch at home while Griff took a nap, and then we played at the Y pool in the afternoon. Here are some pics:

Thursday, July 15, 2010

3 Other 1sts

Here are a few other firsts that Griff accomplished while we were on vacation in Las Vegas back in May: 1. Griffin attended his first rated R movie (Macgruber) on 5/22/10. 2. Griffin rolled over for the first time from his front to his back on 5/24/10. 3. Griffin went for his first swim after 2 much too windy attempts on 5/24/10.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Food Log

This log will be continuously updated so we can keep track of the various new solid foods Griffin has eaten or tried.

1. rice cereal with breastmilk, 7/5/10, loved it, couldn't get enough!
2. oatmeal cereal with breastmilk, 7/9/10, also loved it
3. squash, 7/15,10, didn't eagerly gulp it down, but didn't spit it out either
4. peas, 7/20/10, made a funny "what the heck is in my mouth" face but then ate it happily
4a. bananas 7/21/10, just gave him a spoonful but he didn't seem to like it. too sweet maybe?
5. pears 7/23/10, not bad, liked them mixed with oatmeal
6. sweet potatoes 7/27/10, loved them, in the lead for favorite food
7. taste of peach/peaches 7/23/10 (just a taste), 7/31/10, was a little bleh, might be too sweet, ate it with oatmeal
8. maple teething biscuit 8/3/10, Griff went to town on the biscuit, and then I almost choked on a piece that broke off into his mouth.. then, he coughed and projectile vomited on me...
9. avocados, 8/6/10, couldn't eat enough! absolutely loved them
10. apples, 8/7/10, liked them, ate quite a bit
10a. peaches (again), 8/10/10 got into them this time around
10b. watermelon (gummed some at the Fruit of 4 Seasons store in MHD), 8/12/10, has had tons since
10c. honeydew (gummed some at the Fruit of 4 Seasons store too) 8/12/10
11. bananas, (part 2) 8/12/10, yum
12. Cheerios, 8/13/10, just ate 2 of them, but has been eating them like crazy since. Griff even does a running mumbling commentary as he eats them.. he loves them! In just a few days, he went from barely getting them into his mouth to using his index finger and thumb to pick them up.
13. carrots, 8/14/10, loved them, probably confused them for sweet potatoes
14. cherries, 8/17/10, these were mixed with apples
15. cantelope, 8/19/10, ate tons of these through the mesh feeder. It was a mess, but Griff loved them!
16. green beans, 8/24/10, liked them
17. pineapple, 8/26/10, it was mixed with pears.. but he ate them without hesitation
18. hummus, plain, 8/29/10?, just a taste, he had squinched eyebrows since it had a lot of flavor
19. tofu, 8/30/10, great! he ate it with his fingers and approximately 50% made it into his mouth, the rest was scattered on the high chair, bib, floor, fingers, neck fold, hair.. etc.
20. prunes, 9/2/10, looked like he was eating poo, but he liked them
21. apricots, 9/4/10, not his favorite, similar reaction to when he ate peaches
22. blueberries, 9/9/10, mixed with apples, delicious
23. Grandma's banana bread, 9/13/10, what a treat!
24. corn, 9/14/10, mixed with sweet potatoes, yum, Griffin will basically eat anything mixed with sweet potatoes
25. yellow squash, 9/15/10, homemade by mom!
26. zucchini, 9/16/10, homemade by mom!
27. black beans, 9/20/10, beans, beans, they're good for your heart, the more you eat them, the more you fart!! we'll see.
28. broccoli, 9/21/10, they were mixed with peas and pears, so he didn't really notice them!
29. egg noodles, 9/27/10, from a homemade chicken noodle soup made for Grandma. He loved them so much he might turn into a noodle.
30. wheat noodles, 10/1/10, cut up whole wheat penne; something gave Griff a rash- could have been his cloth diaper, some blueberries he ate, or the noodles?
31. mango, 10/4/10, mixed in a pouch with bananas and peaches
32. mac n cheese, 10/10/10, the good stuff, from YP's wedding!
33. chicken, 10/17/10, big day! first real meat
34. broccoli, 10/20/10, from a pouch
35. yogurt, 10/21/10
36. papaya, 10/23/10, while on vacation at Aunt Judy's
37. grapes, 10/28/10, while on vacation at Aunt Katy's
38. turkey, 10/31/10, from a pouch
39. 12 grain bread, 11/3/10
40. cilantro chicken mini wontons, 11/4/10, from Trader Joe's.
41. string cheese, 11/6/10
42. kiwi, 11/11/10, allergic, caused loose stools, some diaper rash
43. quinoa, 11/13/10, mixed with peas, basil and mint

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Griff Turns 6 Months Old!

Our little prince is now 6 months old (well, as of July 11th). Wow, time flies.

Griffin's Current Stats:
- Height: 27.25" (77%)
- Weight: 21lbs 10oz (97%)
- Head Circumference: 45cm (82%)
- Clothing Size: 6-12mo
- Shoe Size: 3
- Night Sleeping: He is waking up 1-2 times a night.
- Eating: Just started solid foods, currently eating soupy oatmeal with breastmilk.
- Teeth: has 2 on the bottom
- Favorite Toys: blue sleeping bear head blankie, flowers with crunch leaf, Mortimer the moose, Sophie the giraffe, alligator piano
- Favorite Activities: swinging, playing in his orange pool, swimming with Dad, hanging out with Johnny & co., going to the grocery store in the red carrier
- Things that Make Him Laugh/Smile: Me pretending to eat his hand, lots of kissing in his ticklish spots, looking in the mirror, being thrown in the air by Dad, squeaky sounds
- Favorite Color: Orange (duh!)
- Favorite Outfit: Blue and white button down with khakis, white onsie with red shorts with crabs, or naked!
- Recent Developmental Milestones: able to find/put his own pacifier in his mouth, rolling over, starting to lift his butt to crawl, sitting up pretty well, lots of mumbling ("bah bah, mah mah"), screeching, squealing, lots of standing with assistance
- Has Traveled to: Las Vegas, Bethesda, MD, Cape Cod, Maine

I got Peace With Inn!

Tom and I celebrated Griffin's 6 mo birthday and my 28th birthday by taking a much needed night up at our favorite bed and breakfast Peace With Inn (sans baby). It was our first night away from him, but Griff didn't seem mind as he had a blast at Gma and Gpa's house (THANK YOU!). In addition to playtime in his mountain of toys, Gpa took Griff on an adventure in the basement, and Gma gave him lots of cuddles and kisses and brought him on a long walk. Griff and Unkie Bri discussed which Burton snowboards would have enough slash for Griff's first riding season while they watched F1 and the World Cup final.

Our 21 romantic hours away did not disappoint. The highlights: stopping at Dunks for coffee and going inside rather than using the drive thru since we had no baby in the car, the adorable orange rash guard we found for 5 bucks at Gymboree, the $8.50 pint glass of peachy alcohol that got me thoroughly buzzed during dinner at Flatbread (I am such a cheap date!), the bubble-less but still lovely bath, 8.5 hours of uninterrupted sleep in the coziest sheets ever, winning at the Mustang game (Tom and I adapted our own version of the "Punch Buggy" game except there's no punching), amazing breakfast, catching up with Cathy, learning about Noodle the Poodle and the egg laying process of chickens, and stopping at the Whistle Stop for atomic fire balls on our way home.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Johnny & Megan Save the Day

A quick vent: Today was extremely tough (thank goodness these tough days are rare, but OMG when they are tough, I literally want to pull my hair out). Griffin is at that lovely age where if I lay him down on his playmat and walk into the next room, he immediately starts whining and gradually his whining gets louder and louder until it becomes full on crying with tears. He really started testing my patience today, to the point where I called Tom and said "Your son is being a huge pain in my A-S-S; do you think the hospital takes returns?"

Around 1pm I finally said "screw it" and went over to Megan's for a playdate with her and Johnny. Thank goodness I did. Getting out of the house was exactly what both Griffin and I needed. We took some great photos outside with M& J. Here are a few of the favorites:

Rice Cereal Extravaganza!

On Monday July 5th, 6 days shy of Griffin's 6 month birthday, we started him on solid foods. Griff ate 1 Tbsp Gerber's Rice Cereal mixed with 4 Tbsp breastmilk (well, he probably only ate about 1/2 Tbsp rice cereal as the rest of it landed on his bib/bumbo chair/table/floor/fingers/chin.. etc.) Delicious. Here is the video:

Connor James George, aka "Lucky 7"

Yaaaay! Griffin has a new friend. Connor James George was born yesterday (7-7-10) at 7am after what sounded like a very long and difficult labor (poor Sandy!). Just sayin', we should start planning a return trip to Vegas with the George Family seeing as Connor will be our good luck charm when we play craps. Perhaps we should go against the grain and not bet the pass line? Baby, Vegas, Baby!!


Griffin is learning to swing. This past Monday, Tom and I walked him over to our neighbor Annika's house to borrow Greta's baby swing. Despite the fact that he looked a little ridiculous with his armpits dangling just over the top edge since he barely fit in it, even with his favorite orange blanket shoved behind him, he smiled and laughed as we pushed him back and forth. What a funny new experience and feeling that must have been for him. I'll admit I was a tad bit nervous letting my precious little prince dangle from a whopping 4 feet above the ground. Silly Mom! Armed with a thicker blanket to shove under and behind him, I took him over for round 2 yesterday. Here's an action shot-

Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Stars Are Aligned

What a day full of good news and exciting surprises!

1. So, I got infamous "call" from The Dynasty Talent Agency and it turns out that Griff successfully charmed yesterday's judges and smiled his way into getting representation (if we want to pay the $160 management fee that is, hmmm). 7 diapered beauties got calls of the 45 babies that attended the open call. I think many of the 'pageant moms' will be highly disappointed that their little princesses with painted toe nails, pierced ears, and professional photo books didn't make the cut. Is this the start to Griff's glamorous career as the new face of The Gap?

2. 513-701-1264. This is one of the few numbers I instantly recognize on my caller ID, and each time it appears on my phone, my heart rate skyrockets, and I get nervous, flustered, and stressed. I have to take a deep breath before answering to gather myself and put on my professional hat & filter. Scott Garula, the Top Dog & CEO of Cintas First Aid & Fire called in a (desperate? hopeful?) attempt to recruit me back to my old ranks as a Cintas partner. He paid me a few compliments and said he is" thinking out of the box". He essentially offered me the opportunity to "paint a blank canvas" of what a perfect job would be. Part time, consulting basis? It's a very enticing offer to entertain, but will I come out of my blissfully wonderful retirement?

3. And the most exciting of the day, Griffin popped his first tooth!!! Auntie Chris made the discovery when Griff was gnawing on her finger and his drool had pooled onto her lap. Sure enough, I verified that he has just the slightest grain of front tooth poking from his right bottom gum; it's sharper than I thought it'd be. (My boobs are terrified.) I haven't gotten a glimpse of it yet (only ran my finger along the pointy ridge). Griffin's crazy tongue sticks out every time you try to pull open his bottom lip, but I will be sure to post a picture of his new and improved smile when I can capture the Kodak moment. Time to call Grandpa Liang to schedule Griff for his first tooth cleaning.