Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The way kids open christmas presents....

I always pictured kids just tearing through every shred of wrapping paper they could see as fast as they could get their hands on it.  We had a rotation around the room growing up - I always figured that was the only thing preventing total chaos.

But not Griffin.  He just opens one thing and wants to play with it right away.  We had to remind him that there were still other things under the tree to unwrap - lest he just spend the whole Christmas day (week?) playing with the first thing he opened.

I can't complain.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Not 'Old Kids on the Block'...

"Not the 'Old Kids on the Block' right Mom?"...said Griffin after Mom pointed to her 2008 reunion tour t-shirt and said "This band is called New Kids on the Block, Griffin".  Thank goodness Vicki only uses that t-shirt as pajamas - oh the embarrassment.

Added by Vicki:  Um, my t-shirt is awesome and so was the concert. Jordan is the hottest.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Stuff Griffin Says - Just Found Some Funny Old Notes

Vicki wrote down some funny things Griff said and I just found them on paper after shuffling through an old folder.  Here they are:

Date unknown:

  • Griffin:  "What's that?"
  • Vicki: "Its Penny's butt."
  • "Can I pet it?"
  • "No.  Its yucky."
  • "My butt is not yucky.  Can Penny pet it?"
  • "Don't go to work Daddy.  That's Silly."
  • "Who's coming today?  Do you have a door in your belly yet?" (Vicki was still pregnant with Vera)
  • "I want 2 babies in my belly, just like you Mom.  Two cubby babies."
  • Vicki:  "When do you think Vera will come?"
  • Griffin:  "On Saturday."

  • Griffin:  "I like to eat Poop"
  • Vicki:  "Oh really?  Whose poop do you like to eat?"
  • "Ducks' poop."
  • "What does it taste like?"
  • "Mac n Cheese"

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Crazy Genes!

Wow, genetics are crazy... look at these pictures of Griffin and Vera, they look so similar!

Happy Birthday Aunt Kate

Griffin and Vera made her a little video this morning...

The Po-Po Card

I completely believe the parents who have told me that age 3 is worse than 2.  It's confirmed.  I've been struggling daily trying to manage Griffin's behavior; the clever little punk knows exactly how to push my buttons (ie, stares into space and pretends to not hear me when I'm talking to him, does basically the opposite of everything I ask, fake cries, purposely hits Vera or me, refuses to get dressed, get out of the bath, or go to bed, etc). 

OMG, which in our house means, "oh my Griffin", I am at my whits end! I've tried motivating him with Zelda, our Elf on the Shelf (p.s. she was a waste of $30), and I've gone down the whole Santa-will-bring-you-Christmas-presents route, but Griffin claims he doesn't want Santa to come to our house, and he doesn't want any presents.  So, my newest strategy, which has been successful about 80% of the time in the last week, is that I threaten to call the police.  I say ridiculous things like, "Griffin, do you want me to call the police?", "Do you want the police to come to our house?", or "The police don't like that..." Once, in my parental fit of rage, I even stormed into the kitchen and pretended to start calling them on the phone.  Admittedly I do feel a little mean playing the po-po card, since he's clearly scared by my threat, but it's also a little funny watching him squirm. Yesterday, when I told Griffin I'd call the police, he tightly grabbed onto my leg for security, and he pleaded with me saying, "Mommy, don't call the police, they're going to throw me in the trash." Oh Griffin...

Sunday, December 9, 2012


I was putting Griffin to bed for the second time (more details on that below) and I said, "Good night Griff-man" as I walked away from his crib.  And he said, "I'm not Griff-man, I'm the Griffinator."  I call him Grifinator on many other occasions.  I so so so love our kids.

So here's why we had a little stumble and I had to put Griff to bed a second time:  Today we ate chili (which we home made yesterday -yum!) and then had some indian food at a Christmas party.   So I was lighting a match in the hallway to, ahem..., cover the, ah, odors.   And the match set off the smoke detector, which Griffin got a little scared about.  So I went in to give him a last hug.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmasy Weekend

It snowed for the first time of the season this past weekend, perfectly in time for the Marblehead Christmas Walk; it felt magical, festive, and kick-started our family right into the Christmas spririt. Tom and I took the kids to see the Marblehead Christmas tree lighting Friday evening. Vera slept in the Bjorn while we counted down to the tree lightining with Mr. Humphreys (the Chamber of Commerce Man of the Year and our neighbor). Sidebar: Griffin recently got a big stuffed bear from IKEA and wanted to name him 'Mr Humpreys'.  After the lighting, Griff, Tom, and I displayed our best hot-dog-dance moves together on the sidewalk to the live holiday music before heading home.
On Saturday we motivated and got down to Old Town just in time for the Christmas parade. We shared a chocolate chip cookie, and waved to Curious George, Abby Cadabby, the Ginergerbread Man, Santa and Mrs. Claus as they paraded by.  Griff ate a mini candy cane, which he said tasted like adult toothpaste. 

On Sunday early evening, we took a family walk up to the MHD Garden Center to pick out our Christmas tree. The streets were quiet, the air was crisp and cool, and it was snowing lightly. We found our perfect tree after walking up and down the aisles, carefully inspecting and critiquing the inventory (Griffin was busy licking snow and Vera was alseep, again). Tom carried our 7 foot friend home on his back, while I carried Vera and pushed Griffin in the stroller. We sang Christmas carols during the walk down Village Street. At home, Tom brought the tree inside, while Griffin made "snow forts" along the brick wall in the driveway. I stood on the street watching him play. He had this childish innocence and joy about him, as he pushed and packed the fresh snow into little piles, which he then proceeded to lick. He was just so happy, which made me so happy. Tom also took Griffin out to the deck to play, where they made snow angels and a big snow ball. After a quick dinner, we got a little carried away with the Christmas spirit as we allowed Griffin to stay up way too late to help decorate the tree. This was followed by a giant meltdown/tantrum during bath and bedtime...oops. It was totally worth the good memories. :)


Friday, November 30, 2012

Hide and Seek?

Griffin hasn't completely gotten the hang of Hide-N-Seek just yet... Typical hiding spots: beneath the living room carpet, under the kitchen table when I'm standing 2 feet away, or he ducks down next to the couch, where I'm sittting, or like in the photo below, he sticks his head under the covers with his butt hanging out, and says, "Mommy, where's Griffin?" My response is usually... "I don't know.. oh my, I can't seem to find Griffin... wherever could he be?"

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Just missing the potatoes

I'm in North Carolina.  He's in Marblehead with Vicki and Vera.  Love you Griff.

Big Shoes

Griffin loves wearing Tom's shoes...  it's crazy to think that his feet will actually be this big some day, unless of course by some genetic mishap, he takes after me and has tiny Asian feet...


It's Mom writing... so I've completely lost my cool (aka screamed at Griffin, threatened to "put Cubby in the cabinet", made him sit in time-out while he hysterically cried etc).  It's been twice now in the past 2 evenings- behaviors like purposely splashing water all of the bathroom wall while washing his hands, and not cooperating/faking a melt down when it's time to get out of the bath.  He's been acting his age, not listening and purposely pushing my under-caffeinated and very tempermental buttons... However, this morning after waking up on the right side of his crib, my 38 lb angel, sat on the potty (his pull-up was dry from the night- bonus!) and while peeing said, "Mom, I'm very sorry I wasn't a good boy yesterday, and I'm sorry I was whiny.  I'll try to be better today, ok?"  OMG (which Uncle Jim and I taught him means "oh my Griffin"), melt my heart, my sweet, sweet boy, I love you so much.  His apology was totally unprompted, but so genuine and heartfelt, a true first.

Monday, November 26, 2012


That's what Griffin named our elf on the shelf.  We gave it to him yesterday in a red paper package that Santa dropped off while we were outside playing.  His first suggestion for the name was "Vera", given that our elf is a girl.  Now let the nice behavior begin!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Look at me! I am a slide! Want to slide down me?

...said Griffin while doing a leaning headstand on the chair in the living room. 

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Griff Says a lot of things - Part II

Here's a few other funny conversations that have happened:

From August 20:

Griffin: Did you go to school when you were little like me?
Mom: Yes I did! I went to school when I was a little girl.  I loved school.  I studied really hard and learned a lot.  Daddy did too when he was a little boy.
Griffin: And Bill Clinton went to your school.
Mom: Yes he did… he came to talk to us at our school on the day when Daddy and I wore those funny square hats, like in the picture in our kitchen.  Do you know which picture I’m talking about? (referring to the picture of us in our graduation outfits)
Griffin:  Oh yes.  Can Bill Clinton come to see us?
Mom:  I don’t know, I think he might be busy.
Griffin:  Is he at work?
Mom:  Yes, he is!  He works a lot.
Griffin: Does Bill Clinton have a hammer?
Mom:  Hmm. He probably does.  He might have to fix things around his house.
Griffin: Can he come to fix our deck?
Mom:  Well, I don’t think there is anything to fix on our deck.  Daddy built our deck so it is perfect!
Griffin: Remember how I helped Daddy build the deck?
Mom: Oh yes, you guys did such a great job on it.

From Nov 16:
"I'm not upside down!  I'm inside out."
"Let's switch penises.  You can have mine and I'll have yours."

Face Plant

Yikes.  Griff was at Pickman's playground for about 10 minutes this morning after swim lessons.  The first 8 of those were on the swings.  Then almost immediately after he went to the climbing/sliding thing, he bit the dust big time.  He tripped on a step and hit his face on another step on the way down.

Bloody nose.  Fat lip.  This is the first frightening amount of blood I've seen from either of this kids. By the time I ran him back to the car for some wipes etc., he had already gotten a lot on his coat, my coat, and all over his face and hands.  It freaked me out a little bit.  Vicki was my rock - jumping out of the car with burp cloth in hand to stop the bleeding.

On the car ride home, Griff said "I'm a hot mess and a blood mess!"  After the initial crying, he pretty much was good with the whole thing.  He doesn't even really notice that his voice is a little off due to the swelling.

He's a trooper.  Its all good now.

Picture of his fat lip (he looks a lot like Uncle Alex, who has big lips, haha):

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Children's Museum

Pictures from our adventure to the Boston Children's Museum:  (Griffin spent an hour in the construction zone with Dad, Mike and Connor, a half hour in the balls room, and a half hour climing the crazy structure.  Vera slept.)

Friday, November 9, 2012

A Funny Conversation

Griff and Vicki had this conversation this morning when Vera was in the room.   What a character!

Griff:  Vera's a poop face
     Vicki:  Why is she a poop face?
Griff:  Because her face is brown.   My poop is brown.
     Vicki:  My poop is brown too and Vera's is yellow.
Griff:  And sometimes orange.

Playdoh Toilet

(V): I made the toilet, Griffin added the poop inside.  We are quite the artistic duo.  Also, Griffin loves to mash and mix all of his playdoh colors together, which inevitably turns this color of brown... Brown happens to be his favorite color, so it works out perfectly.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Boys Night

Griff and i went to orange leaf for froyo followed by Chet's to rent a movie and a slice of pizza at Tony's.  I had quite a few "i really like being a dad" moments throughout our man-date.  Just watching him feed himself or pick out a movie is pretty cool.  And he starts new thoughts in conversations, rather than just responding to whatever i say to him.  I love you Griff.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Griffin Says a Lot of Things - The History

I've been keeping track of them on my phone on a "sticky note" for a long time.   Plus Vicki texts me some of them and sometimes emails them. They're all pretty funny or cute or both as far as we think.  But, hey, we're his parents.  You be the judge:

  • I met the duck named Donald Duck. (When referencing our trip to Florida)
  • Baby cameron wont eat watermelon
  • I want to keep him (baby cameron, that is)
  • My foot is taking a shower
  • Does she have race cars?
  • Hi mr. Mailman
  • That guy rides a motorcycle too.
  • Dog poop not good.
  • Banana has your name on it.  Can I see?
  • I'm gonna let I pump it
  • You're the mommy potato and im a baby potato.
  • No, i am mommy's little rascal.
  • Want to get stuck in the mud with me daddy?
  • Want to eat me?  How about a bite of head?
  • I ate a lot of food.  
  • I'm a bath toy.
  • You're so silly daddy.
  • Im going to getttin da bag.
  • Mommy you have hair.
  • Dont worry penny, its only me.
  • I want to make a movie about super boy.
  • I'm going to eat mac and cheese and make my face all mac and cheesy.  
  • Monsters don't wear clothes because they don't have belly buttons.
  • No.  Not today honey.
  • I have a water mustache.
  • My butts clean.  can penny touch my butt?
  • Are you leaving to daddy?
  • I'm pulling my penis off.
  • Whats this wrinkle on your head?
  • Can i bring this to japanese restaraunts sometimes? (About his plastic toy japanese beetle)
  • My finger is a pancake. (While sipping fingers into syrup)
  • Don't go to work daddy, that's silly!
  • The horse looks like poop.
  • Fiona is being a whinny girl!
  • Daddy you're silly!
  • Is the door in your belly yet mommy?
  • You're a great helper, dad.
  • My belly feels bad.  I need a new one
  • Simon is a boy: does he have a penis?
  • Carseat doesn't have a penis.
  • Mommy does that bag have french fries in it?
  • Its a song dad.
  • Daddy i want you to get in your car and go to a different house right now.  
  • Grandma i had very much fun with you at the hospital.  
  • I'm a very busy boy
  • You just joked us!
  • I like you dad when you come and get me from school
  • Are you going to tell your mom that you don't like that?
  • I want to see your next arm (while pulling up sleeve)
  • Griffin and Vera are both carried
  • (She's hungry again.)  She's looking for boob!
  • I was in the cave at gymnastics with me and griffin and jiji and Tom.  We were bears.
  • I want to watch super why because he looks like me and i love him
  • She looks like a pink banana
  • I am a trapeze man
  • I love you owls and Vera
  • I need to go to the bathroom right now because that sign says "its time to go to the bathroom right now."
  • Daddy guess what?  I'm very nice
  • I want to be a hippo when I grow up
  • I'm a nifty rooster right now
  • Roosters dont wear socks (and then he takes his socks off)

Pumpkin Family

If our kids were pumpkins, they would look like this... (these are the "Griffin & Vera" pumpkins that Griffin picked out this year... he painted the "Mommy" pumpkin brown as well as his face, and Tom carved the "Dad" pumpkin into a cool jack-o-lantern)

Monday, October 15, 2012


We picked up this bad boy (the bike trailer that is) from a road side seller in grandma and grandpa's last weekend.  It was a little chilly out,  but we had to give it a test drive.  Its awesome!  And big enough for two kids plus a little cargo.

Monday, October 8, 2012

At the beach

We walked.  Griff and Vicki played.  Then we laid the cousins down for a photo op.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Cool Train

Griff and I are playing at Grandma and Grandpa's.  This is pretty cool as layouts go and we only have two pieces of track left. 

Sunday, September 30, 2012

2012 School Pictures

Griffin is 2 years 8 months old in these pics as they were taken in 9/2012.

Not so Shameless Plug

Griffin has a baby sister as of September 18.  Read all about her on the new Vera blog.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Perch 2!

Tom and I have recently been amazed at how big Griffin has gotten in the past few weeks (potty training, starting preschool, etc).  He has been transforming from a toddler to a boy right before our eyes, and this morning was another example of that.  We made a last minute decision early this morning to sign Griffin up for the Perch II swim class at the Y, in an effort to keep his life as "normal and routine" as possible as we prepare for the arrival of his sister. (Perch II is the first non-parent swim class for kids.)  It's for "independent and energetic 2.5-3.5 year olds who can swim alone with flotation devices." Hmm.. independent- check, energetic- check, 2.5 years old- check, swim alone with flotation devices? yeah, not so much.  Griff only swims while tightly gripping onto either Tom or I, and he has not been the most adventurous kid in the water.  We knew it was a gamble putting him into this class and things could potentially end in disaster, not to mention the fact that he was already whining/crying before we left the house saying he didn't want to swimming, or to the potty..  awesome start.

10 minutes into the class, the Hendrixeswere the last ones still sitting next to the pool, while the other 6 kids eagerly splashed around with the teachers (their parents no where in sight).. "just try it", "do you want to just put your feet in?", "let's just watch the other kids for today"- Tom and I tried saying, but Griffin wanted no part of even putting on his swim bubble.  Finally I gave in and offered a bribe, "Well, Griffin, if you get in the pool, do you want Mommy to make you cupcakes today or do you want to go to Orange Leaf?"  He was instantly enthused, mumbled something about going to Orange Leaf, went to the pool edge with Dad, and into the water our little fish went.  The teacher then gave us the suggestive nod saying, "Ok parents, get outta here..."

WHAT?!  About 3 minutes later, from across the pool, I witnessed Griff's big head bobbing around the water; Griffin was swimming ON HIS OWN (!) with a bubble and a noodle, as if he had mastered this skill months ago.  Tom and I could not have been more proud (admittedly I was a little surprised too), but wow it was a rewarding and awesome thing to see. Amazing job Griff!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


I found the below dialogue written in an email from Tom to me, so we could keep track and post some of these funny Griff conversations... this one is from 9-4-12

Do you know what kind of animal Goofy is?

(I think he’s a dog)

Goofy and Donald and Daisy and Pluto and Mickey and Minnie Mouse are all in the mickey mouse club house. Do you want to hear my story daddy?


Goofy and Donald and Daisy and Pluto and Mickey and Minnie Mouse were all walking down the street one day and they met Caillou and said “nice to meet you.”

(what happened next)

Um. They had play time at Caillou’s house and played with toys together.

The below quotes were from an email I wrote to myself to again, log the funny quotes... dated 9-4-12

I said to griffin, "guess what? chicken butt", we laughed.

Then Griff said, "Hey Mom, chicken finger"

then he showed me his karate moves.

"one day elmo, cookie monster, big bird and grover went to caillou's house to eat a snack. They had some lunch at his house, and then it was raining, and then they went outside with their hats and stuff. They played in the puddles and then it was raining."

Ah! Just found another email to myself.... from 8-22-12:

Griffin was watching Caillou...

Caillou said "When I grow up, i want to be just like my Daddy."

Griffin (talking to the TV), "When I grow up, I want to be just like my Daddy too!!"

From 8-20-12
From the car ride home from daycare.
Griffin: Did you go to school when you were little like me?

Mom: Yes I did! I went to school when I was a little girl. I loved school. I studied really hard and learned a lot. Daddy did too when he was a little boy.

Griffin: And Bill Clinton went to your school.

Mom: Yes he did… he came to talk to us at our school on the day when Daddy and I wore those funny square hats, like in the picture in our kitchen. Do you know which picture I’m talking about? (referring to the picture of us in our graduation outfits)

Griffin: Oh yes. Can Bill Clinton come to see us?

Mom: I don’t know, I think he might be busy.

Griffin: Is he at work?

Mom: Yes, he is! He works a lot.

Griffin: Does Bill Clinton have a hammer?

Mom: Hmm. He probably does. He might have to fix things around his house.

Griffin: Can he come to fix our deck?

Mom: Well, I don’t think there is anything to fix on our deck. Daddy built our deck so it is perfect!

Griffin: Remember how I helped Daddy build the deck?

Mom: Oh yes, you guys did such a great job on it.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Great Morning At Goldthwait

It's become a Hendrix Family tradition this summer that we wake up on a weekend morning, hussle out of the house, pick up breakfast and a giant iced coffee at Dunkin Donuts to share (Griff gobbles up glazed munchkins), and then we hit a local Marblehead beach.  We typically end up at Gas House Beach to play in the sand and search for sea glass. If the sun is shining, the tide is low, and I'm with my 2 boys, I'm so happy and it's a great family morning. 

This past Sunday we discovered Goldthwait Beach, which is just a stone's throw from good ol' Devereux.  It easily knocked Gas House out of the top spot for my favorite local beach. It was pristine, beautiful, and private- the perfect morning getaway. Watching Tom and Griff throw rocks into the ocean, splash in the water, and build a castle and moat, I couldn't help but appreciate how good life is.

The only 2 non-highlights for me were the creepy little spiders that would crawl near me on the rocks, and the fact that right when the caffeine kicked my system into high gear and I immediately needed a bathroom (thank you pregnancy), I huffed and puffed the 30 steps up the rocky hill back to the parking lot only to watch a flatbed truck towing away the lone port-a-potty.. so not cool for an 8 month pregnant lady. :)