Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Stuff Griffin Says - Just Found Some Funny Old Notes

Vicki wrote down some funny things Griff said and I just found them on paper after shuffling through an old folder.  Here they are:

Date unknown:

  • Griffin:  "What's that?"
  • Vicki: "Its Penny's butt."
  • "Can I pet it?"
  • "No.  Its yucky."
  • "My butt is not yucky.  Can Penny pet it?"
  • "Don't go to work Daddy.  That's Silly."
  • "Who's coming today?  Do you have a door in your belly yet?" (Vicki was still pregnant with Vera)
  • "I want 2 babies in my belly, just like you Mom.  Two cubby babies."
  • Vicki:  "When do you think Vera will come?"
  • Griffin:  "On Saturday."

  • Griffin:  "I like to eat Poop"
  • Vicki:  "Oh really?  Whose poop do you like to eat?"
  • "Ducks' poop."
  • "What does it taste like?"
  • "Mac n Cheese"

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