Saturday, February 23, 2013

Quotes from Age 3...

On the way to the Y this morning, Griffin said, "What's a baby pengin called?  Is it a calf, like a baby hippopotamus is called a calf?  Or is it a calf like a baby cow is called a calf?

On the way out of the bank Dad said, "Mom's really going to love this lei." (they picked up a free colorful hawaiian lei for me at the bank).  Griff said, "I'm really going to love this lollipop." (they also picked up a green lollipop.)

At lunch, I said, "Griff, you are such a good boy", and then Griff said, "I am a good boy but sometimes I'm not..." Griff, Dad, and I burst into laughter.  Griff then said, "What's so funny?"

Griffin is constantly making us laugh with the random and funny things that come out of his little 3 year old mouth.  

Thursday, February 21, 2013

How many do you have left?

When we got home from school today, Griff asked if he could finish his snack.  Goldfish.

I said "Sure.  How many do you have left?" (thinking in rough quantities and not wanting to wait in the driveway for him to finish a half full bag).

He proceeded to count them.  Twice.  There were ten he announced.

Then he said "da-iye, usually i am done with my snack by now."

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Oatmeal is Better with Honey

I think I successfully taught Griff how to both lie AND pit his parents against each other today.

I made oatmeal for us for dinner (neither of us is feeling well - I thought it would ease achy stomachs more than curry chicken or pasta with sausage).  I put in a lot of honey.  Because I like a lot of honey.

When I gave it to Griff (Mom was upstairs) he asked whether there was honey in it.   And I said "Yes - there's a lot of honey in there - but its a secret so DON'T TELL MOM.  Please."

So when Vicki came back downstairs and said "How's the oatmeal griff?", he said "Its got a lot of honey in it!" and then he laughed.

And I jokingly said "Griff!  You weren't supposed to tell her that."

And he put on a straight face, looked at Vicki again, and said "Yeah but Mom there's not much honey in the oatmeal."  Nice cover up bud!

I don't think she suspected a thing.

(j/k.  She totes suspected a thing:  Vicki and I laughed silently to each other right after Griffin said this.  Plus Vicki knows I have a honey vice.  What else would I use to offset the flavor of flax, steel cut oats, chia seeds, and peanut butter?)

PS:  Dibs on the name "Honey Vice" for a band.

Puke = A Good "Are you ready to be a Parent?" Litmus test

Griff got sick at school today.  On me.  So a question to ask yourself if you're considering kids (or to prepare yourself if they're in your future) is:

  • Do you think all of the positive experiences of being a parent (hearing "I love you" from your kids is tops for a lot of us....) outweigh the negative experiences (for example, being thrown up on or cleaning throw up chunks out of the prickly velcro on your kid's favorite shoes).  
The answer for us is yes.  And its not a perfect yes - there are loads of positives and negatives.  

It comes in waves.  Part of the problem of life "pre kids" is you just don't realize what all of the positive situations will be and what all the negative ones will be.  OR what your reaction will be to things like, say, only sleeping in spurts of 2 hours at a time.   

Griffin is feeling better now.  In an odd sort of way, nothing makes me love he or Vera more than seeing them fall ill.  

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Look Daddy I'm a Spoonhead

That pretty much sums it up.  Love breakfast with Griff.

Monday, February 11, 2013

On 2-11-13 he said...

During breakfast:

Mom: "Do you want the rest of your milk?"
Griff: "Nope... I'm not a cow..I don't give milk to anyone."

On our way to school:

Griff: "I want a baby brother."
Mom: "Well, Griff, having another baby is a lot of work."
Griff: "How about you go to the baby store and get a baby brother and put it in your belly?"

Saturday, February 9, 2013


No hair or fingers have been accidentally snipped yet. 25 minutes of entertainment and a pile of handmade paper confetti for the bargain price of $1.50. Thank you Target.

More Funny Quotes

Yesterday Griff said, "I'm going to marry you Mommy, ok?", and today he said, "I don't like your hair Mommy, you should dry it and make it look nice." (I had just finished showering and had wet, uncombed hair.).

Another classic Griff line is: "Mommy, could you not sing please?"