Sunday, September 30, 2012

2012 School Pictures

Griffin is 2 years 8 months old in these pics as they were taken in 9/2012.

Not so Shameless Plug

Griffin has a baby sister as of September 18.  Read all about her on the new Vera blog.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Perch 2!

Tom and I have recently been amazed at how big Griffin has gotten in the past few weeks (potty training, starting preschool, etc).  He has been transforming from a toddler to a boy right before our eyes, and this morning was another example of that.  We made a last minute decision early this morning to sign Griffin up for the Perch II swim class at the Y, in an effort to keep his life as "normal and routine" as possible as we prepare for the arrival of his sister. (Perch II is the first non-parent swim class for kids.)  It's for "independent and energetic 2.5-3.5 year olds who can swim alone with flotation devices." Hmm.. independent- check, energetic- check, 2.5 years old- check, swim alone with flotation devices? yeah, not so much.  Griff only swims while tightly gripping onto either Tom or I, and he has not been the most adventurous kid in the water.  We knew it was a gamble putting him into this class and things could potentially end in disaster, not to mention the fact that he was already whining/crying before we left the house saying he didn't want to swimming, or to the potty..  awesome start.

10 minutes into the class, the Hendrixeswere the last ones still sitting next to the pool, while the other 6 kids eagerly splashed around with the teachers (their parents no where in sight).. "just try it", "do you want to just put your feet in?", "let's just watch the other kids for today"- Tom and I tried saying, but Griffin wanted no part of even putting on his swim bubble.  Finally I gave in and offered a bribe, "Well, Griffin, if you get in the pool, do you want Mommy to make you cupcakes today or do you want to go to Orange Leaf?"  He was instantly enthused, mumbled something about going to Orange Leaf, went to the pool edge with Dad, and into the water our little fish went.  The teacher then gave us the suggestive nod saying, "Ok parents, get outta here..."

WHAT?!  About 3 minutes later, from across the pool, I witnessed Griff's big head bobbing around the water; Griffin was swimming ON HIS OWN (!) with a bubble and a noodle, as if he had mastered this skill months ago.  Tom and I could not have been more proud (admittedly I was a little surprised too), but wow it was a rewarding and awesome thing to see. Amazing job Griff!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


I found the below dialogue written in an email from Tom to me, so we could keep track and post some of these funny Griff conversations... this one is from 9-4-12

Do you know what kind of animal Goofy is?

(I think he’s a dog)

Goofy and Donald and Daisy and Pluto and Mickey and Minnie Mouse are all in the mickey mouse club house. Do you want to hear my story daddy?


Goofy and Donald and Daisy and Pluto and Mickey and Minnie Mouse were all walking down the street one day and they met Caillou and said “nice to meet you.”

(what happened next)

Um. They had play time at Caillou’s house and played with toys together.

The below quotes were from an email I wrote to myself to again, log the funny quotes... dated 9-4-12

I said to griffin, "guess what? chicken butt", we laughed.

Then Griff said, "Hey Mom, chicken finger"

then he showed me his karate moves.

"one day elmo, cookie monster, big bird and grover went to caillou's house to eat a snack. They had some lunch at his house, and then it was raining, and then they went outside with their hats and stuff. They played in the puddles and then it was raining."

Ah! Just found another email to myself.... from 8-22-12:

Griffin was watching Caillou...

Caillou said "When I grow up, i want to be just like my Daddy."

Griffin (talking to the TV), "When I grow up, I want to be just like my Daddy too!!"

From 8-20-12
From the car ride home from daycare.
Griffin: Did you go to school when you were little like me?

Mom: Yes I did! I went to school when I was a little girl. I loved school. I studied really hard and learned a lot. Daddy did too when he was a little boy.

Griffin: And Bill Clinton went to your school.

Mom: Yes he did… he came to talk to us at our school on the day when Daddy and I wore those funny square hats, like in the picture in our kitchen. Do you know which picture I’m talking about? (referring to the picture of us in our graduation outfits)

Griffin: Oh yes. Can Bill Clinton come to see us?

Mom: I don’t know, I think he might be busy.

Griffin: Is he at work?

Mom: Yes, he is! He works a lot.

Griffin: Does Bill Clinton have a hammer?

Mom: Hmm. He probably does. He might have to fix things around his house.

Griffin: Can he come to fix our deck?

Mom: Well, I don’t think there is anything to fix on our deck. Daddy built our deck so it is perfect!

Griffin: Remember how I helped Daddy build the deck?

Mom: Oh yes, you guys did such a great job on it.