Saturday, September 28, 2013

Picture People Family Pictures

We had these family pictures taken earlier today... 9-28-13, Griffin is 3.75 years old (wow), Vera is 1, Mom is 31, and Dad is almost 32.  See Vera's blog post for her 1st birthday "cake bashing" pictures.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Aquarium Adventure with Gpa Victor

We did it!  Gpa Victor and I successfully made it to the Aquarium and back today with the kids.  A few of the highlights: Vera's expression seeing her first sea lions (the ones in the outside tank by the ticket booths), Griffin with Gpa watching the penguins (reminded me of my parents taking my brother and I to the same aquarium when we were little), learning about the Skate fish (cousin of the sting ray but sans stinger), watching Myrtle the giant 85 yr old, 530 lb sea turtle eat her lunch (she ate protein gels, shrimp, fish, brussel sprouts, lettuce, and broccoli), not seeing any sharks in the main tank (all Griff wanted to see was the sharks, but they are temporarily out while they treat the water for parasites), but then seeing a picture of a great white on the side of a beverage machine outside the aquarium and Griffin thinking it was "soooo amazing", Griffin saying that a green piece of coral looked like a giant mint chocolate ice cream (it did!), and Griffin saying "that's ahhhhmazing" every time a huge fish went by in the big tank (Vera would get excited too and growl).  What was Griffin's favorite thing he saw at the Aquarium? ("the scuba divers").- classic Griffin.

After the Aquarium, we took a nice stroll outside and had PB&J sandwiches and snacks near the "jumping fountains" on the Greenway, followed by an amazing ride on the Carousel.  Griff rode on the lobstah and Vera rode on the owl. We popped into the Crocs store in Faneuil Hall to get some jibbits for Griff and Dad (Griff chose Luke Skywalker for Dad and got Yoda for himself), and we found the only pair of teeny tiny fuzzy blue crocs for Vera (her first pair, and they match Griffin's). 

Awesome day.  We really missed Dad, but it was really special to have the time with Gpa.  I'm excited to do another repeat adventure into the city on a day Dad is at work in Boston (he's in Allentown this week), so he can come have lunch with us and we can do another Aquarium adventure together!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Puts Himself to Bed

Griff did the whole process himself last night.  The three things I was still involved in were filling the bath tub, getting his toothbrush and toothpaste down from the high medicine cabinet, and reading to him.

He single handedly went up stairs, got undressed and in the bath, scrubbed himself (including washing his own hair!), got out of the tub, brushed his teeth, peed,put his dirty clothes away, picked out pajamas, got dressed, picked out a book, and climbed in bed. 

Its very gratifying,  time saving, and nostalgia inducing.  He grows up so fast.

Friday, September 13, 2013


Griffin's current favorite song to listen to in the car is "Rock Around the Clock" by Elvis.  It's on a little kid compilation CD.  Griff is obsessed with "the song about time", and he asks me to play it over and over and over... 

Growing Juice

Today Griffin said he wanted a big brother.  I said, "But Griffin, remember that if Mom has a baby from her belly it would be really little?"  He responded, "Mom, we could give him some growing juice to make him really big... or we could use magic."  Love the 3 year old mind.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Sunday Dinner Tear Jerker

If I can raise Griffin to be just a few things, those things are:  Grateful.  Positive.  Considerate.  Hardworking.

Sunday at dinner, I asked him:  "Griffin, what's something you're really grateful for?  That you really appreciate having in your life?"  I figured he might say "cupcakes" or "dinosaurs" or "birthday parties".  Nope.

"I really like having my baby sister."


Friday, September 6, 2013

Growth Spurt?!

It's 5pm. At 3pm Griffin ate 2 big cups of cantelope and at 4:40 was begging for food. He just ate about 10 baby carrots with hummus (which he would never normally do),  half a large avocado, and 8 dino nuggets (he usually eats 3-4). Crazzzy.


Griffin has a tendency to overreact and he is bit dramatic sometimes.  I wonder where he gets this? (Like father, like son)

I just snapped this picture of him after he was fooling around on Vera's high chair and stepped off funny. I showed him the picture and he didn't like that I was laughing.  He said, "Mom,  I didn't want you to take that picture.  Die that picture,
Mommy. "

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Stinky Man

We're at Grandpa Victor's house this weekend.  In the car on the way back from Dim Sum Griffin said "Grandpa Victor can't go to school because the teacher would kick him out and say 'you're a stinky man!' "

Captain O'merica

Griff:  Dad, When I grow up I want to be a superhero.
Me:  Oh really?  Cool!  What would your superhero name be?
Griff:  Captain America.  I would have a blue suit.
Me:  That sounds great.  Go for it buddy.
Griff:  Except Captain America has an “A” on his head, so I would have a different letter on my head.
Me:  What letter would you have?

Griff:  “O”