Friday, November 30, 2012

Hide and Seek?

Griffin hasn't completely gotten the hang of Hide-N-Seek just yet... Typical hiding spots: beneath the living room carpet, under the kitchen table when I'm standing 2 feet away, or he ducks down next to the couch, where I'm sittting, or like in the photo below, he sticks his head under the covers with his butt hanging out, and says, "Mommy, where's Griffin?" My response is usually... "I don't know.. oh my, I can't seem to find Griffin... wherever could he be?"

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Just missing the potatoes

I'm in North Carolina.  He's in Marblehead with Vicki and Vera.  Love you Griff.

Big Shoes

Griffin loves wearing Tom's shoes...  it's crazy to think that his feet will actually be this big some day, unless of course by some genetic mishap, he takes after me and has tiny Asian feet...


It's Mom writing... so I've completely lost my cool (aka screamed at Griffin, threatened to "put Cubby in the cabinet", made him sit in time-out while he hysterically cried etc).  It's been twice now in the past 2 evenings- behaviors like purposely splashing water all of the bathroom wall while washing his hands, and not cooperating/faking a melt down when it's time to get out of the bath.  He's been acting his age, not listening and purposely pushing my under-caffeinated and very tempermental buttons... However, this morning after waking up on the right side of his crib, my 38 lb angel, sat on the potty (his pull-up was dry from the night- bonus!) and while peeing said, "Mom, I'm very sorry I wasn't a good boy yesterday, and I'm sorry I was whiny.  I'll try to be better today, ok?"  OMG (which Uncle Jim and I taught him means "oh my Griffin"), melt my heart, my sweet, sweet boy, I love you so much.  His apology was totally unprompted, but so genuine and heartfelt, a true first.

Monday, November 26, 2012


That's what Griffin named our elf on the shelf.  We gave it to him yesterday in a red paper package that Santa dropped off while we were outside playing.  His first suggestion for the name was "Vera", given that our elf is a girl.  Now let the nice behavior begin!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Look at me! I am a slide! Want to slide down me?

...said Griffin while doing a leaning headstand on the chair in the living room. 

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Griff Says a lot of things - Part II

Here's a few other funny conversations that have happened:

From August 20:

Griffin: Did you go to school when you were little like me?
Mom: Yes I did! I went to school when I was a little girl.  I loved school.  I studied really hard and learned a lot.  Daddy did too when he was a little boy.
Griffin: And Bill Clinton went to your school.
Mom: Yes he did… he came to talk to us at our school on the day when Daddy and I wore those funny square hats, like in the picture in our kitchen.  Do you know which picture I’m talking about? (referring to the picture of us in our graduation outfits)
Griffin:  Oh yes.  Can Bill Clinton come to see us?
Mom:  I don’t know, I think he might be busy.
Griffin:  Is he at work?
Mom:  Yes, he is!  He works a lot.
Griffin: Does Bill Clinton have a hammer?
Mom:  Hmm. He probably does.  He might have to fix things around his house.
Griffin: Can he come to fix our deck?
Mom:  Well, I don’t think there is anything to fix on our deck.  Daddy built our deck so it is perfect!
Griffin: Remember how I helped Daddy build the deck?
Mom: Oh yes, you guys did such a great job on it.

From Nov 16:
"I'm not upside down!  I'm inside out."
"Let's switch penises.  You can have mine and I'll have yours."

Face Plant

Yikes.  Griff was at Pickman's playground for about 10 minutes this morning after swim lessons.  The first 8 of those were on the swings.  Then almost immediately after he went to the climbing/sliding thing, he bit the dust big time.  He tripped on a step and hit his face on another step on the way down.

Bloody nose.  Fat lip.  This is the first frightening amount of blood I've seen from either of this kids. By the time I ran him back to the car for some wipes etc., he had already gotten a lot on his coat, my coat, and all over his face and hands.  It freaked me out a little bit.  Vicki was my rock - jumping out of the car with burp cloth in hand to stop the bleeding.

On the car ride home, Griff said "I'm a hot mess and a blood mess!"  After the initial crying, he pretty much was good with the whole thing.  He doesn't even really notice that his voice is a little off due to the swelling.

He's a trooper.  Its all good now.

Picture of his fat lip (he looks a lot like Uncle Alex, who has big lips, haha):

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Children's Museum

Pictures from our adventure to the Boston Children's Museum:  (Griffin spent an hour in the construction zone with Dad, Mike and Connor, a half hour in the balls room, and a half hour climing the crazy structure.  Vera slept.)

Friday, November 9, 2012

A Funny Conversation

Griff and Vicki had this conversation this morning when Vera was in the room.   What a character!

Griff:  Vera's a poop face
     Vicki:  Why is she a poop face?
Griff:  Because her face is brown.   My poop is brown.
     Vicki:  My poop is brown too and Vera's is yellow.
Griff:  And sometimes orange.

Playdoh Toilet

(V): I made the toilet, Griffin added the poop inside.  We are quite the artistic duo.  Also, Griffin loves to mash and mix all of his playdoh colors together, which inevitably turns this color of brown... Brown happens to be his favorite color, so it works out perfectly.