Saturday, November 17, 2012

Face Plant

Yikes.  Griff was at Pickman's playground for about 10 minutes this morning after swim lessons.  The first 8 of those were on the swings.  Then almost immediately after he went to the climbing/sliding thing, he bit the dust big time.  He tripped on a step and hit his face on another step on the way down.

Bloody nose.  Fat lip.  This is the first frightening amount of blood I've seen from either of this kids. By the time I ran him back to the car for some wipes etc., he had already gotten a lot on his coat, my coat, and all over his face and hands.  It freaked me out a little bit.  Vicki was my rock - jumping out of the car with burp cloth in hand to stop the bleeding.

On the car ride home, Griff said "I'm a hot mess and a blood mess!"  After the initial crying, he pretty much was good with the whole thing.  He doesn't even really notice that his voice is a little off due to the swelling.

He's a trooper.  Its all good now.

Picture of his fat lip (he looks a lot like Uncle Alex, who has big lips, haha):

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