Sunday, October 28, 2012

Boys Night

Griff and i went to orange leaf for froyo followed by Chet's to rent a movie and a slice of pizza at Tony's.  I had quite a few "i really like being a dad" moments throughout our man-date.  Just watching him feed himself or pick out a movie is pretty cool.  And he starts new thoughts in conversations, rather than just responding to whatever i say to him.  I love you Griff.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Griffin Says a Lot of Things - The History

I've been keeping track of them on my phone on a "sticky note" for a long time.   Plus Vicki texts me some of them and sometimes emails them. They're all pretty funny or cute or both as far as we think.  But, hey, we're his parents.  You be the judge:

  • I met the duck named Donald Duck. (When referencing our trip to Florida)
  • Baby cameron wont eat watermelon
  • I want to keep him (baby cameron, that is)
  • My foot is taking a shower
  • Does she have race cars?
  • Hi mr. Mailman
  • That guy rides a motorcycle too.
  • Dog poop not good.
  • Banana has your name on it.  Can I see?
  • I'm gonna let I pump it
  • You're the mommy potato and im a baby potato.
  • No, i am mommy's little rascal.
  • Want to get stuck in the mud with me daddy?
  • Want to eat me?  How about a bite of head?
  • I ate a lot of food.  
  • I'm a bath toy.
  • You're so silly daddy.
  • Im going to getttin da bag.
  • Mommy you have hair.
  • Dont worry penny, its only me.
  • I want to make a movie about super boy.
  • I'm going to eat mac and cheese and make my face all mac and cheesy.  
  • Monsters don't wear clothes because they don't have belly buttons.
  • No.  Not today honey.
  • I have a water mustache.
  • My butts clean.  can penny touch my butt?
  • Are you leaving to daddy?
  • I'm pulling my penis off.
  • Whats this wrinkle on your head?
  • Can i bring this to japanese restaraunts sometimes? (About his plastic toy japanese beetle)
  • My finger is a pancake. (While sipping fingers into syrup)
  • Don't go to work daddy, that's silly!
  • The horse looks like poop.
  • Fiona is being a whinny girl!
  • Daddy you're silly!
  • Is the door in your belly yet mommy?
  • You're a great helper, dad.
  • My belly feels bad.  I need a new one
  • Simon is a boy: does he have a penis?
  • Carseat doesn't have a penis.
  • Mommy does that bag have french fries in it?
  • Its a song dad.
  • Daddy i want you to get in your car and go to a different house right now.  
  • Grandma i had very much fun with you at the hospital.  
  • I'm a very busy boy
  • You just joked us!
  • I like you dad when you come and get me from school
  • Are you going to tell your mom that you don't like that?
  • I want to see your next arm (while pulling up sleeve)
  • Griffin and Vera are both carried
  • (She's hungry again.)  She's looking for boob!
  • I was in the cave at gymnastics with me and griffin and jiji and Tom.  We were bears.
  • I want to watch super why because he looks like me and i love him
  • She looks like a pink banana
  • I am a trapeze man
  • I love you owls and Vera
  • I need to go to the bathroom right now because that sign says "its time to go to the bathroom right now."
  • Daddy guess what?  I'm very nice
  • I want to be a hippo when I grow up
  • I'm a nifty rooster right now
  • Roosters dont wear socks (and then he takes his socks off)

Pumpkin Family

If our kids were pumpkins, they would look like this... (these are the "Griffin & Vera" pumpkins that Griffin picked out this year... he painted the "Mommy" pumpkin brown as well as his face, and Tom carved the "Dad" pumpkin into a cool jack-o-lantern)

Monday, October 15, 2012


We picked up this bad boy (the bike trailer that is) from a road side seller in grandma and grandpa's last weekend.  It was a little chilly out,  but we had to give it a test drive.  Its awesome!  And big enough for two kids plus a little cargo.

Monday, October 8, 2012

At the beach

We walked.  Griff and Vicki played.  Then we laid the cousins down for a photo op.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Cool Train

Griff and I are playing at Grandma and Grandpa's.  This is pretty cool as layouts go and we only have two pieces of track left.