Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Oatmeal is Better with Honey

I think I successfully taught Griff how to both lie AND pit his parents against each other today.

I made oatmeal for us for dinner (neither of us is feeling well - I thought it would ease achy stomachs more than curry chicken or pasta with sausage).  I put in a lot of honey.  Because I like a lot of honey.

When I gave it to Griff (Mom was upstairs) he asked whether there was honey in it.   And I said "Yes - there's a lot of honey in there - but its a secret so DON'T TELL MOM.  Please."

So when Vicki came back downstairs and said "How's the oatmeal griff?", he said "Its got a lot of honey in it!" and then he laughed.

And I jokingly said "Griff!  You weren't supposed to tell her that."

And he put on a straight face, looked at Vicki again, and said "Yeah but Mom there's not much honey in the oatmeal."  Nice cover up bud!

I don't think she suspected a thing.

(j/k.  She totes suspected a thing:  Vicki and I laughed silently to each other right after Griffin said this.  Plus Vicki knows I have a honey vice.  What else would I use to offset the flavor of flax, steel cut oats, chia seeds, and peanut butter?)

PS:  Dibs on the name "Honey Vice" for a band.

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