Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmasy Weekend

It snowed for the first time of the season this past weekend, perfectly in time for the Marblehead Christmas Walk; it felt magical, festive, and kick-started our family right into the Christmas spririt. Tom and I took the kids to see the Marblehead Christmas tree lighting Friday evening. Vera slept in the Bjorn while we counted down to the tree lightining with Mr. Humphreys (the Chamber of Commerce Man of the Year and our neighbor). Sidebar: Griffin recently got a big stuffed bear from IKEA and wanted to name him 'Mr Humpreys'.  After the lighting, Griff, Tom, and I displayed our best hot-dog-dance moves together on the sidewalk to the live holiday music before heading home.
On Saturday we motivated and got down to Old Town just in time for the Christmas parade. We shared a chocolate chip cookie, and waved to Curious George, Abby Cadabby, the Ginergerbread Man, Santa and Mrs. Claus as they paraded by.  Griff ate a mini candy cane, which he said tasted like adult toothpaste. 

On Sunday early evening, we took a family walk up to the MHD Garden Center to pick out our Christmas tree. The streets were quiet, the air was crisp and cool, and it was snowing lightly. We found our perfect tree after walking up and down the aisles, carefully inspecting and critiquing the inventory (Griffin was busy licking snow and Vera was alseep, again). Tom carried our 7 foot friend home on his back, while I carried Vera and pushed Griffin in the stroller. We sang Christmas carols during the walk down Village Street. At home, Tom brought the tree inside, while Griffin made "snow forts" along the brick wall in the driveway. I stood on the street watching him play. He had this childish innocence and joy about him, as he pushed and packed the fresh snow into little piles, which he then proceeded to lick. He was just so happy, which made me so happy. Tom also took Griffin out to the deck to play, where they made snow angels and a big snow ball. After a quick dinner, we got a little carried away with the Christmas spirit as we allowed Griffin to stay up way too late to help decorate the tree. This was followed by a giant meltdown/tantrum during bath and bedtime...oops. It was totally worth the good memories. :)


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