Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Great Morning At Goldthwait

It's become a Hendrix Family tradition this summer that we wake up on a weekend morning, hussle out of the house, pick up breakfast and a giant iced coffee at Dunkin Donuts to share (Griff gobbles up glazed munchkins), and then we hit a local Marblehead beach.  We typically end up at Gas House Beach to play in the sand and search for sea glass. If the sun is shining, the tide is low, and I'm with my 2 boys, I'm so happy and it's a great family morning. 

This past Sunday we discovered Goldthwait Beach, which is just a stone's throw from good ol' Devereux.  It easily knocked Gas House out of the top spot for my favorite local beach. It was pristine, beautiful, and private- the perfect morning getaway. Watching Tom and Griff throw rocks into the ocean, splash in the water, and build a castle and moat, I couldn't help but appreciate how good life is.

The only 2 non-highlights for me were the creepy little spiders that would crawl near me on the rocks, and the fact that right when the caffeine kicked my system into high gear and I immediately needed a bathroom (thank you pregnancy), I huffed and puffed the 30 steps up the rocky hill back to the parking lot only to watch a flatbed truck towing away the lone port-a-potty.. so not cool for an 8 month pregnant lady. :)

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