Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Stars Are Aligned

What a day full of good news and exciting surprises!

1. So, I got infamous "call" from The Dynasty Talent Agency and it turns out that Griff successfully charmed yesterday's judges and smiled his way into getting representation (if we want to pay the $160 management fee that is, hmmm). 7 diapered beauties got calls of the 45 babies that attended the open call. I think many of the 'pageant moms' will be highly disappointed that their little princesses with painted toe nails, pierced ears, and professional photo books didn't make the cut. Is this the start to Griff's glamorous career as the new face of The Gap?

2. 513-701-1264. This is one of the few numbers I instantly recognize on my caller ID, and each time it appears on my phone, my heart rate skyrockets, and I get nervous, flustered, and stressed. I have to take a deep breath before answering to gather myself and put on my professional hat & filter. Scott Garula, the Top Dog & CEO of Cintas First Aid & Fire called in a (desperate? hopeful?) attempt to recruit me back to my old ranks as a Cintas partner. He paid me a few compliments and said he is" thinking out of the box". He essentially offered me the opportunity to "paint a blank canvas" of what a perfect job would be. Part time, consulting basis? It's a very enticing offer to entertain, but will I come out of my blissfully wonderful retirement?

3. And the most exciting of the day, Griffin popped his first tooth!!! Auntie Chris made the discovery when Griff was gnawing on her finger and his drool had pooled onto her lap. Sure enough, I verified that he has just the slightest grain of front tooth poking from his right bottom gum; it's sharper than I thought it'd be. (My boobs are terrified.) I haven't gotten a glimpse of it yet (only ran my finger along the pointy ridge). Griffin's crazy tongue sticks out every time you try to pull open his bottom lip, but I will be sure to post a picture of his new and improved smile when I can capture the Kodak moment. Time to call Grandpa Liang to schedule Griff for his first tooth cleaning.

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