Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Gag Reflex

Yesterday on the way home I thought nothing of the few gurgle noises I heard come from the backseat, as Griffin only spits up about 50% of the time he makes those sounds. It's no big deal either way. However, when I was getting Griffin out of the car, I started gagging (I have a very sensitive reflex) as he had green, stinky spit up streaming down his chin (green from the peas he ate). It had dripped down onto his fabric car seat straps and settled in a small pool on the red release button. So disgusting. I got a nice big whiff of the stench as soon as I opened the car door and leaned in to unbuckle Griff. It was the first time I had experienced solid food-spit up, and I am definitely not a fan.

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