Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Food Log

This log will be continuously updated so we can keep track of the various new solid foods Griffin has eaten or tried.

1. rice cereal with breastmilk, 7/5/10, loved it, couldn't get enough!
2. oatmeal cereal with breastmilk, 7/9/10, also loved it
3. squash, 7/15,10, didn't eagerly gulp it down, but didn't spit it out either
4. peas, 7/20/10, made a funny "what the heck is in my mouth" face but then ate it happily
4a. bananas 7/21/10, just gave him a spoonful but he didn't seem to like it. too sweet maybe?
5. pears 7/23/10, not bad, liked them mixed with oatmeal
6. sweet potatoes 7/27/10, loved them, in the lead for favorite food
7. taste of peach/peaches 7/23/10 (just a taste), 7/31/10, was a little bleh, might be too sweet, ate it with oatmeal
8. maple teething biscuit 8/3/10, Griff went to town on the biscuit, and then I almost choked on a piece that broke off into his mouth.. then, he coughed and projectile vomited on me...
9. avocados, 8/6/10, couldn't eat enough! absolutely loved them
10. apples, 8/7/10, liked them, ate quite a bit
10a. peaches (again), 8/10/10 got into them this time around
10b. watermelon (gummed some at the Fruit of 4 Seasons store in MHD), 8/12/10, has had tons since
10c. honeydew (gummed some at the Fruit of 4 Seasons store too) 8/12/10
11. bananas, (part 2) 8/12/10, yum
12. Cheerios, 8/13/10, just ate 2 of them, but has been eating them like crazy since. Griff even does a running mumbling commentary as he eats them.. he loves them! In just a few days, he went from barely getting them into his mouth to using his index finger and thumb to pick them up.
13. carrots, 8/14/10, loved them, probably confused them for sweet potatoes
14. cherries, 8/17/10, these were mixed with apples
15. cantelope, 8/19/10, ate tons of these through the mesh feeder. It was a mess, but Griff loved them!
16. green beans, 8/24/10, liked them
17. pineapple, 8/26/10, it was mixed with pears.. but he ate them without hesitation
18. hummus, plain, 8/29/10?, just a taste, he had squinched eyebrows since it had a lot of flavor
19. tofu, 8/30/10, great! he ate it with his fingers and approximately 50% made it into his mouth, the rest was scattered on the high chair, bib, floor, fingers, neck fold, hair.. etc.
20. prunes, 9/2/10, looked like he was eating poo, but he liked them
21. apricots, 9/4/10, not his favorite, similar reaction to when he ate peaches
22. blueberries, 9/9/10, mixed with apples, delicious
23. Grandma's banana bread, 9/13/10, what a treat!
24. corn, 9/14/10, mixed with sweet potatoes, yum, Griffin will basically eat anything mixed with sweet potatoes
25. yellow squash, 9/15/10, homemade by mom!
26. zucchini, 9/16/10, homemade by mom!
27. black beans, 9/20/10, beans, beans, they're good for your heart, the more you eat them, the more you fart!! we'll see.
28. broccoli, 9/21/10, they were mixed with peas and pears, so he didn't really notice them!
29. egg noodles, 9/27/10, from a homemade chicken noodle soup made for Grandma. He loved them so much he might turn into a noodle.
30. wheat noodles, 10/1/10, cut up whole wheat penne; something gave Griff a rash- could have been his cloth diaper, some blueberries he ate, or the noodles?
31. mango, 10/4/10, mixed in a pouch with bananas and peaches
32. mac n cheese, 10/10/10, the good stuff, from YP's wedding!
33. chicken, 10/17/10, big day! first real meat
34. broccoli, 10/20/10, from a pouch
35. yogurt, 10/21/10
36. papaya, 10/23/10, while on vacation at Aunt Judy's
37. grapes, 10/28/10, while on vacation at Aunt Katy's
38. turkey, 10/31/10, from a pouch
39. 12 grain bread, 11/3/10
40. cilantro chicken mini wontons, 11/4/10, from Trader Joe's.
41. string cheese, 11/6/10
42. kiwi, 11/11/10, allergic, caused loose stools, some diaper rash
43. quinoa, 11/13/10, mixed with peas, basil and mint

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