Thursday, March 10, 2011

Good Signs

Griffin has become quite adept at picking up sign language. It's amazing how fast he can learn these days, and it is really fun to be able to communicate with him.  So far, he's mastered the following words/signs:

1. "more" (He abuses this one... Griff knows I'm a total sucker, as he knows if he looks at me with his big almond shaped eyes, he'll get another pile of his favorite snack- graham bunnies, or I'll read several more books to him, even though we've already read 15 and it's past his bedtime.)

2. "love" (This one is my favorite. Griff is a cuddly boy, so it's appropriate that he picked his one up.  I can't wait for the first time he tells me he loves me; so far he makes the sign for "love" when I say the word, but he hasn't combined that with pointing at me or anything else for that matter.)

3. "please" (Gotta teach the kid manners...Miss Lisa taught our Kindermusik class this one last Thursday, and we've been practicing at home. My goal is to get him to combine "more" and "please" so at least if he is going to demand things, he can do it politely...)

4. "clean up" (Griffin has made a ton of progress on the action of actually cleaning up.  In music class he used to cry when we had to give up his beloved egg shakers or balls, but today, Griff actually participated in the cleaning up, and returned his eggs to the plastic bin, tear free.  He then of course proceeded to clap for himself.)

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