Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sheep in a Jeep

Earlier tonight I asked Griffin to pick out some books to read for bedtime, and he pulled out the book "Sheep in a Jeep", a board book given to him by Gma and Gpa Hendrix, as part of their 'give-Griff-a-book-each-year-tradition'.  He pointed to the Jeep and said "da ba", and right then I totally had a Eureka moment and realized that "da ba" means "Grandpa"!  I thought I heard him mumble "da ba" a few times this weekend, but I never made the connection. 

This past weekend while we were up in Maine, Tom and I had taken Griff for a ride in Grandpa's black Jeep Wrangler with the top down.  It's amazing to me that Griffin can ride in a Jeep for the first time on Sunday and then recognize that it's the same car in a book on Tuesday night- maybe this is part of his Hendrix genes?)

Also, a side note: Griff made a bunch of fake sad/crying sounds when we got to the page where the sheep are all sad because they accidentally crashed their jeep, "Jeep in a heap. Sheep weep." (and Griffin fake weeps...)

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