Monday, June 16, 2014

Awesome Father’s Day

Griffin said “Happy Father’s Day Daddy” three separate times on father’s day.  And it was only prompted once (thanks Vicki!).  Here’s how the day went:
·         Walk/scooter to Dunkin’ Donuts
·         I took Griff to swimming and then Crosby’s
·         Lunch.  Vicki made egg bake and it was awesome.
·         I mowed the lawn while the kids were napping, then did some ceiling strapping and framing in the basement.
·         Water balloon slingshot!   We launched probably like 20  balloons high in the air into our own yard and accidentally into the neighbors a few times.
·         Dinner at Five Guys.  Griff and Vera ate a TON of peanuts.
·         Orange Leaf for frozen yogurt take-out, which we ate in the driveway and did some chalk drawing.
·         Bath and Bed for the kids.

·         And then three episodes of Orange is the new Black for mom and Dad.

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