Sunday, August 21, 2011

Griff's 2nd Haircut

We managed to go 7 months in between Griffin's first and second hair cuts.  Since he screamed through his first one and looked super nerdy with short hair, I wasn't dying to take him the second time around, plus, I just love him with longer hair. The thing that made me finally bite the bullet and bring him in for a snip was a lady in the Y parking lot who said to us, "oh, how old is she?" It was time. Earlier today we brought Griff down to Silver Shears, a local barbershop in Village Plaza, just a 3 minute drive from our house.  Ken was Griff's barber and he did an amazing job.  Griff cried just a bit at the end, but he looked super cute with his new layered hairstyle.  You could tell that Griff was proud of he looked afterwards...


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