Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Brooksby Farm

Griffin and I had some time to kill while we were out near the North Shore Mall yesterday, so I swung us up to the Brooksby Farm where we had a blast walking around in the beautiful fall sunshine. We saw 2 ostriches, a goat with a long white beard, a llama with bad teeth chewing on corn, a bunch of sheep, some chickens, and 2 big fat pigs. The weather was just a little crisp, but the sun was out and it was a perfect fall afternoon. After checking out the animals, Griff wanted to play a bit in the grass. He looked like a dog on all fours burying a bone, scratching at the dirt digging a hole, ripping up the grass as he went. I watched him to see how long he'd go until he put the grass in his mouth. He left his mark on the ground with a bare dirt rut. He took home dirty hands and bits of grass as souvenirs from our outing.

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