Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bike Ride to Redd's Pond

On Saturday, Tom, Griff and I went on a great little family bike excursion across town to Redd's Pond.  It's been one of those places we've been meaning to take him for ages, or at least since he's become totally obsessed with ducks. ("dahs!")  We finally made it there and we were greeted by a pair of quacking ducks- awesome!  We walked along the pond edge swinging Griffin (who was laughing hysterically) by the arms just like Tom Cruise and Renee Zellweger did to that cute little boy in the movie Jerry McGuire. (Mental Note: do not swing your toddler by the arms too much as toddlers are prone to dislocated elbows- we found this out the hard way when Tom was playing with Griffin later in the afternoon.. oooops!  Thankfully, Griff's elbow popped back in after about 10 minutes of loud crying, but it took a call to the docs and was a big scare for sure.)  Anyway, the three of us walked along the pond and up a grassy hill to the Old Burial Hill Cemetary.  We rested, took pictures, and had a snack, and then on our way home we rode past The Landing, where a "tall ship" was docked and on display.

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