Saturday, May 7, 2011

Carnival @ Devereux Beach, Griffin's First Ride!

Ohhhh boy.  Each year as a fundraiser, the MHS senior class transforms the Devereux Beach parking lot into a fun little amusement park complete with rides, games, and deliciously unhealthy food stands.  This was a "must do" on our weekend bucket list, so we managed to make an appearance today just minutes before it started raining.  Tom and I are totally amusement park people, so we were psyched to bring Griff on his first ride: the Merry-Go-Round!  I think Griff was a little confused by all of the hard plastic colorful horses, but he made a few horse noises and rode happily.  I also took him on the only other ride he was tall enough for, the car ride with old classic cars, motorcycles, buses and trucks where every rider has an extraordinarily obnoxious horn button to press, which Griffin loved and I got dizzy on!  He asked for "more" when the ride stopped, so after we walked around a bit, Tom who had just downed a plate of fried dough went on it with Griff a second time.

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