Monday, May 9, 2011

Nice Touches Please

I'm embarrassed to say that I am raising a cuddly bully.  I'm not sure how my parenting has gone wrong, or where Griffin learned his behavior, but sadly, he is the kid at daycare/playdates/home who occasionally whacks his friends.  His go-to moves are either pushing their faces away or grabbing at their hair/eyes.  I will give him credit however for being one of the most affectionate huggers known to man, though I've seen Griff accidentally knock down several of his friends with his overly aggressive hugs, uh not to mention he also has a thing for hugging strangers. (not actions we pride ourselves in teaching him at home of course)

Today I chuckled as I walked into the infant room to pick up Griffin from daycare.  Griff was sitting by himself at the lunch table (trapped in the seat that is built into the center of the table used for communal eating).  Whether he realized it or not, he was learning one of his first lessons in consequences and serving a brief "time out" sentence for hitting one of his friends.  Not my most proud Mom moment ever, but one that I can certainly laugh a little at.  I am constantly telling Griff "Nice touches", or "Gentle please" every time his strong little arm/hand gets a little too rowdy, and I do all I can to be consistent with my responses- redirect his behavior, tell him 'no' each time he crosses the line, and I try to positively reinforce his "nice touches", which are becoming more frequent.  It's progress, but a frustratingly slow snail's pace. Ugh. He'll learn eventually, right?

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