Wednesday, January 11, 2012

2 Cubbies- Birthday Portraits

This morning I was gathering Griffin's things to get him ready for school: spare clothes, winter hat, mittens, pizza money etc.  As I was shoving Cubby #2 into his winter hat to pack him for school, Griffin heard the magical jingle bell of his favorite security blanket/bear head.  Full of hope, a little voice below me said, "Another Cubby?"  Crap. I totally froze, I had been careless and had just been caught (We've secretly had a spare Cubby the last few months, unbeknownst to Griffin).  So there he was standing below me, in his little grey striped footsy pajamas, on his birthday, looking up with his cute almond shaped eyes.. with a Cubby already in his hands. Crap!  I paused, and thought to myself, "well, what the heck, it's his birthday".  I whipped the other Cubby out and gleefully shouted, "Surprise!  Happy birthday Griffin!"  We both cheered, and I felt like that was probably the best birthday present he could have ever imagined..

A few photos from this morning:

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