Monday, January 30, 2012

Albany Weekend

We took a road trip to Albany to see Uncle Alex, Aunt Anny and Grandpa Victor.  As a bonus, we also got to see Lisa, Adam and Nora and take a tour of the new YFC rock gym, The Edge.  2 memories from the visit: 1) My dad went to the basement and brought up my old slot machine and Alex's old robot for Griffin to play with.  He dusted them off gave Griffin some quarters to use for the slots (Asians learn to gamble young)... it was a very cute Grandpa moment.  2) On our drive back to Boston, Tom and I were singing along to one of Griff's Kindermusik songs, when Griffin scolded us and said "Mommy, Daddy, don't sing that!".  Though we tried not to, we couldn't help but laugh hysterically at the fact that we had just gotten schooled by our 2 year old!

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