Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Griffin is starting to fall for my trickery.  He just started understanding the concept of bribery and he is sometimes willing to comply to Tom or my requests if the deal is sweet enough, literally. 

Let's be honest, these are my lame attempts to get some quasi-nutritious foods into his belly in exchange for the sweet taste of... a gummy vitamin.. that's right... ha, Griff is a sucker!  He's obsessed with vitamins, and he'll pretty much do anything for one.. well sometimes.. Although tonight, I'm kind of the sucker, because Griff totally caught me sneaking bites of gooey brownies, and he successfully negotiated (aka whined) and convinced me to give him a piece of "cookie" for eating avocados.  Deal! 

Just now, (in between writing these sentences) I struck a new deal and offered him the choice of another "cookie" or a vitamin if he finished the rest of the avos on his tray.  He considered his 2 delicious choices and enthusiastically chose an orange vitamin while quickly shoving all 3 giant pieces of avocados into his mouth.  He then proceeded to scream "yaaaay" making it look like he had green slime leaking from his lips.  That's my boy!  I love being a sneaky Mom, though I fully realize bribing my almost-2-year-old is not going to get me the "2012 Mom of the Year Award."  Don't worry.. this isn't a frequent occurence..the novelty of his new ability to comply with my wishes will wear off soon...

Oh awesome.. Griff just poured half a cup of water on his tray and is now shouting into his empty blue cup.. oh dear.. and he just now threw the plastic cup overboard.. it bounced onto the floor and landed alongside his partly chewed pear piece.. lovely.. omg he just smacked his hand on the puddle on his tray and splashed my laptop screen.. omg.. time for a timeout.

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