Friday, December 3, 2010

Peek A Boob

Tom comes home late on Thursday nights, so I usually try to make myself look slightly more presentable on the days/nights he's home.. aka, I shower, 60% of the time I even find time to shave my legs, and I make it a point to wear my non-Grandma panties. What a lucky man. Well, this particular Friday morning I was feelin' extra saucy.. I thought, oo, let me dig into my bra drawer and break out one of my Victoria Secret bras that I haven't had the pleasure of wearing since sometime in the early days of pregnancy before the girls became these ridiculous milk factories on a one-year lease. I thought it'd be nice to put on a non-nursing bra that wasn't all misshapen from being washed a zillion times or stained from letting down (how lovely). Needless to say, I learned the funny way that none of my old bras fit (yet), as my boobs spent the day trying to escape, hence this blog entry title. At least my mom friends and I had a laugh when we coined the term.

Speaking of Peek-A-Boo.. Griffin is at the age where he actually thinks the silly game of Peek-A-Boo is funny. I've been unsuccessfully trying to crack a smile from him since he was a wee little guy. Now he basically wets himself laughing and thinks I'm the next Margaret Cho whenever I disappear behind the island in our kitchen and then magically reappear.

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