Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Stop, It's Hammer Time!

This morning while Tom was running around the house getting ready to bring Griffin to daycare for his first "Daddy drop off", Griff and I were playing in the living room with his plastic mirror pound-a-ball toy. Typically, Griffin's version of "playing" with this particular toy means that he snags a few of the plastic bahuuulls and claps them together in his hands. Eventually the balls will roll out of reach under the TV stand or sofa, or our cat Penny gets a bad case of the "crazies" and she chases one into the kitchen. On occasion, Griffin will sit and watch the bahuulls travel down the zig-zag shoot if I'm there to tap them in with the mallet. This crazy morning however, he floored Tom and I with his impressive new hammering skills, as he randomly took the mallet and started whacking each ball down the shoot, as if he'd done it a million times before. In my mind Griff, at the ripe age of 11.5 months seems way too young to be able to do this, but there again is the proof of the amazingly rapid development of babies. Back in month 3, Griffin was just discovering that he had hands.. and now he's able to do this:

The two things that surprised me/made me laugh the most were the accuracy and the insane brute baby strength he used to hammer each ball in. Perhaps our baby was a carpenter in a previous life, or he is genetically destined to be mechanically inclined and share a love for home improvement projects like his good ol' Dad. 

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