Wednesday, December 1, 2010

New Levels of Comprehension.

It is amazing to me that 10.5 month old Griffin can demonstrate that he comprehends certain phrases that I say to him. For instance, during meal times Griffin has been a big fan of using his sippy cup. It's a non-fancy plastic Take and Toss brand cup with Griff-sized little handles. When he drinks water from it, I say to him, "hold it up", and he will tilt his head back and enthusiastically hold up his cup as high as he possibly can.

The other phrase he now gets is "arm in.... other arm in". Every time I put a shirt or jacket on him, I'll say "arm in", as I push his arm through his first sleeve, and then "other arm in", for the next. The neat thing is that Griff will often be holding a toy or his Lovie, and he knows to pass it from one hand to the other, so that he can fit his arm through without dropping his precious goods. Sometimes he will even initiate putting his second arm up before I prompt him to. It's so cool how fast these little guys learn, but it's also a sad reminder of just how fast he's growing up.

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