Monday, May 20, 2013

About three year old Griffin behavior

He's on an uptrend this past month.  That said, Vicki and I sometimes get frustrated and don't actually say but often thibk to ourselves "stop acting like a 3 year old".  We hold the line and assume he's just testing the waters when he kicks Vera, bites Vicki's  hand during dinner (litterally the hand that feeds) or fake cries after hurting another kid.

Last night seemingly out of the blue and somewhat apologetically: "Dad I am growing up fast.  And if I was an adult I think I would be angry when any kids broke the rules.  And I sometimes break the rules now and I'm a kid.  So you and mom get angry."  It was one of those less-credit-than-they-deserve moments.

He also is gettting good at calling other people on their bad behavior.  Most notably mom and dad.  "Try not to scratch daddy" and "Don't take my crackers without asking" and "Try not to waste water Daddy.  You were wasting water just now."

And if you're paying attention you'll see some pretty genuinely nice things like offering Vicki or I a shared snack.  And he brings Vera her toys and blankies and says "here you go Vera."  And he cleans up well enough when asked - just allow him a few seconds to process and decide.  He usually makes the right decision.

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