Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Griffin has a tendency to "borrow" Vera's stuffed animals.  Poor little sister, she just has so few things that are truly her very own.  I try to at least remind G of the fact that V is generously sharing what few new toys she has with him.  "Wow, it's so nice of Vera to let you play with her ." or "Good sharing Vera".. it's my secret ghetto mommy manipulation skills at work; I'm attempting to plant seeds in Griff's head in hopes that when the day comes and Vera swipes one of his beloved items with or without asking, that she doesn't get whacked by her big angry bro; instead, he'll fondly think back to the times that his sweet baby sister was so selfless and giving, and he'll show her mercy.  Right.  We'll see pretty soon as Vera is close to crawling.  It will be a real game changer when she is mobile and can start stealing his matchbox cars, or knocking down his lego towers.

Here's Griffin feeding "DogDog". Clearly he is not the true owner of a new plush pink stuffed dog. 

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