Monday, May 20, 2013

Stone Zoo Pictures!

I survived my first real adventure taking the kids somewhere farther than a local playground or library.  Last Friday, after getting ready and packing literally all morning as if we were leaving for a week, we drove out of "the bubble" to meet Sandy, Connor, and Ryan down at the Stone Zoo.  Highlights were seeing the monkeys, fox, and brown bears as well as watching Griffin and Connor hysterically laugh at each other after our lovely picnic lunch.  Sadly, the sloth exhibit had been moved to make way for Koalas, so I didn't get to see my beloved 3 toed friend.. .  Griff had a minor meltdown when we reached the coin operated rides and I told him that I didn't have any quarters. The four hour round-trip adventure was awesome but totally exhausting, and I found myself detouring on the drive home in a desperate search for a drive thru Dunkin Donuts so that I could suck down some caffeine to make it through the afternoon.... 

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