Sunday, January 16, 2011

Speed Date Night

Tom and I spent 5 hours out last night on a "speed date".  We wanted to combine as many activities as possible into one fun evening.  Here's where our adventure took us:

1. Mcdonalds drive thru for small vanilla cones (We turned up the heat in the car so we were warm enough to eat ice cream).

 2. 2 games of candle pin bowling + french fries from the vending machine, which were amazing. (and the award for the best invention ever goes to...)

 3. We stopped in to check out Laser Quest, a laser tag place in Danvers, but decided it would be more fun to play with a bunch of friends instead of just the two of us. 

4. In lieu of laser tag, I got a manicure while Tom browsed at the nearby snowboard/ski shop and treated himself to a white hot chocolate at DD.

5. The highlight of the night: We went on "The Jumpy Thing" at the Liberty Tree Mall.  $7 for 3 minutes of unparalleled excitement!  The two of us were screaming at the top of our lungs as we jumped 25 feet in the air.  The mall walkers must have thought we were crazzzzzy.

6. Chuck-E-Cheese for 100+ games of ski ball and assorted other games. (We gave our 575 tickets to a little girl on a mission to get the 10,000 ticket super prize.)

7. Dinner at Su Chang's, one of our favorite places!

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