Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Yogurt Toast Explosion!

Griffin and I are trapped at home today due to a massive "weather bomb"(I heard this term on the news last night referencing the big blizzard that's coating the northeast). The view out our big kitchen window this morning looks like an Ansel Adams photo; the tree branches of the tall maples behind Joyce's house are perfectly coated in white, and big fluffy cotton ball snowflakes continue to swirl around the air.

Just now as I was checking work email while Griffin ate his breakfast by my side, I got hit by a "yogurt bomb"! All of a sudden, little splashes of what felt like sticky sweet rain started coating my face and arms. I turned and saw Griffin enthusiastically clapping his yogurt covered hands, giggling in total amusement by all the splatter he was creating. He was trying to get my attention to give him 'mohh' (more). Of course, once he finished all of his yogurt toast, he put his hands on his ears, rubbed his eyes and nose a bit, and basically got yogurt in every strand of hair on his big head. What a mess. P.S. Yogurt as it turns out is a great alternative to hair gel...

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