Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hawaii Story: Griffin's Balls

Griffin loves balls, all kinds, ping pong, rubber, bouncy, beach, and even his own.

So, I accidentally taught Griffin where his balls are.. oh yes, by "balls", I do mean his "testicles".  Apparently it is a well known fact that little boys will start playing with themselves around the age of 9 months, though I must have been the only Mom not to know this.  Anyway, Griffin is right on that ball-playing track.  In Hawaii while I was changing him (or maybe he was in the bath tub?), I said something along the lines of "Ok, let's clean Griffin's balls". Of course, my darling little baby proceeded to grab his balls, totally on cue, and he repeated "bauhhhlls" a few times.  It most certainly was not a coincidence.  This was a moment where it took every ounce of my being not to fall over in complete hysterics, and although I couldn't keep a straight face to save my life, I sort of succeeded in not drawing too much attention to one of the best Griffin moments to date.  Oh what kind of mother am I!? (I kind of love the fact that he learned where his balls are.  What a smart boy!)  What was even funnier was that once in a while he'd poke his finger into his penis, almost inverting it like a scared little (I mean, totally normal sized) turtle head, and say "bauhhllls", and of course I had to correct him and say "No Griffin, this is your penis, and those are your balls."

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