Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Missing Dad

During Griffin's drop off this morning at Runamuck, his teacher Miss Rachel recounted a sad but funny story...  They have a board book in his class called 'Families', and the other day when a teacher was reading this particular book to Griff, his eyes welled up with tears when she turned to a page with a photo of an Asian Dad with his infant son, who at quick glance, looks fairly similar to Griff.  ("all Asians look the same... ")  It's a side profile view of the Dad, who has spiky dark hair and is dressed in a white t-shirt; he is sharing what looks like a banana with his white onsie wearing son.  It's definitely an image I can see Griffin mistakenly recognizing as he and Tom. To make matters worse (or funnier depending on how wierd your sense of humor is), Miss Rachel said that a second time Griffin was being read to, he started balling when he saw the Asian Dad/son page, and a third time when he was reading the book by himself, she said he looked at every page except for that one... awww! 

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