Sunday, April 3, 2011

Shoe Shopping

Today we took Griffin to lunch at Chipotle with Unkie Bri, then shoe shopping at the North Shore Mall. You'd think that being a Stride Rite model, Griff would get some type of discount, but nope, we paid the small mortgage payment price of $39.90 for Griffin's first pair of walking shoes.

We also stopped into Lens Crafters and put some cute Dad-style glasses on Griff (just for fun).  He looked exactly like a mini-Tom.  It was adorable.

Other than when Griffin made a total scene screaming bloody murder in the tiny and overcrowded Stride Rite store when the clerk attempted to measure his feet (size 5 1/2W!!), the trip was a success. Here is a closeup shot of Griff's first shoes, as well as a family shoe pic!

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