Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Terrific Lady Weekend!

Tom and I have an agreement that every 6 months each of us gets to do a weekend away with no baby and no significant other.  My first one was last September for Youngna's shower/bachelorette weekend in NYC.  It was my turn again this past weekend:  Terrific Lady Weekend!  College friends Ashley, Ellie, Rachel, Mary Ellen and I went down to Cape May to stay at the Graham's shore house, and (bonus) Megan came down and spent a night with us too (since her Mom lives in Cape May).

With a few glasses of wine, Modern Family season 1, 3 seasons of Friends DVDs, delicious meals at Tisha's, George's and the Blue Pig Tavern, Scrabble on the iPad (which I am now addicted to), 2 Tony's Pizzas (split between Ash and I), fudge from The Fudge Kitchen, ice cream, half a day of pampering at the spa, and some lingerie shopping, it was a classic girls' weekend complete with pillow fights in our underwear.. :) It was so nice to get away and be and feel like my 'old self' again.

Bonus highlights were that I flew out of Philly to get home, so I got to pick up some delicious Philly pretzels (yum), and I was greeted by my adorably smiling family outside the security checkpoint of Terminal E (Tom brought flowers!).

A few pictures from the weekend: (The full album is posted on my picasa page:)

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